It is so hot in Tracy and you have more fruit on your trees than you can possibly eat.  You don't have the time or manpower to pick it and share with your neighbors.  So contact us! 

We pick at your convenience - hopefully when it's not scorching - and we package the fruit for you.  Best of all, we share it with those that do not have access to fresh fruit - the elderly.  If you choose, you can donate what fruit you cannot consume and deliver to seniors in our town.  It's that easy!


Gigi's Story

Our 90-year old grandmother, who spends most of her time in Chicago, does not like when she sees fruit that falls to the ground and rots away.  Georgia, or Gigi to her grandchildren and their friends, wants to get out and pick fruit every time she passes a tree that has fallen fruit at its base. She tells us just how expensive fresh fruit is in the Midwest (mainly because it is shipped from places right in our backyard) and how it's "a crime" that people don't get out, pick their fruit and share it if they cannot consume it all!  So Gigi...this is for YOU!

  • We are neither a FOR PROFIT or a NON-PROFIT, we just are a group of committed students!

  • No need to raise money, pay us or supply ANYTHING, we bring everything we need!

  • All you have to do is DONATE your unwanted fruit to make some seniors, like our Grandma Gigi, happy and healthy!

Gigi's Force

We are a group of Tracy High School students looking to make an impact in our community. Our close-knit group of friends are currently enrolled in the AG/Science program, take school very seriously, and are members of various sports teams and other extra curricular activities.  What's one more? 

GIGI's Fruit

Gigi's Plan 

It's been our honor to create and develop this plan to make Gigi's vision come to fruition - no pun intended!

As a group, we hope to inspire other young teens to go out and give back to their community and to one day, possibly join forces with us, as we look to expand our operation each year.  The need will never disappear and our desire to eliminate fruit waste is strong.